For capturing maximum business potential, Expansivus provides Cross-sell and Upsell Support Services.

With the increase in online sales, a good customer service may be the best opportunity an organisation may have to form a personal connection with a customer. This makes it even more essential for entrepreneurs to upsell or cross-sell properly to anticipate customer needs and actively dig out opportunities to provide value.

Intense competition and the need to reduce expenses are pushing corporate to optimise their support and customer services. The main problems faced by clients are:

  •    Lack of differentiated customer experience due to inconsistent data
  •    Complex and manual processes that limits upsell and cross-sell
  •    Cost pressures of customer retention and marketing tactics

How Expansivus can help you?

Business agility in cross-sell and up sell support means using an incremental approach to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering value-added services. With London IT Hub, organisations continuously optimise processes and solutions by empowering business & IT users to automate processes in real time, improve efficiency and build dynamic application infrastructure. With Expansivus solutions, clients can:

  •     Conduct targeted marketing campaigns and increase customer segmentation
  •     Optimise sales processes such as account opening, lending, cross/up-selling, and dynamic product bundling
  •     Enhance service processes including case management, dispute management, and event-based decision-making

Our up sell and cross-sell support helps entrepreneurs to maximise sales. In outsourcing, cross selling and up selling is used to aim at enhancing sales via some additional or effective services or products. However, it needs a professional to understand the higher distinctions of the business.Our strong relationships with various offshore outsourcing organisations help us provide effective solutions as per specific business requirements.

Our call centre advisors are trained to handle potential up-sell and cross-sell clients or customers. The agents are trained to engage with the customers accordingly while keeping the circumstances and the temperament in view. The communication mediums our agents select also depends on the accessibility criteria of the customers. Our advisors build research database, identifying various up-sell and cross-sell areas to maximise on their potential.

Cross-sell and Upsell Services offered by Expansivus:

  •     Database creation to build a database of valuable customer information
  •     Customised market strategies and offering
  •     Mailing services and other multiple media engagement channel development
  •     Strategising temporary and seasonal up-sell and cross-sell techniques