Expansivus applies proven customer retention strategies to your business and guides you through the implementation to enhance service efficiency.

Our Customer Retention strategies:

  • Developing strong client-customer engagement program
  • Developing business solutions for better serving of existing customers
  • Customer feedback program
  • Collecting feedback and customer data for analysis
  • Designing an improvement plan in tandem with the data collected  read

Organisations treat customer retention as a cost-effective and profitable business strategy that is imperative in today’s competitive business environment. Customer retention outsourcing is an activity of improving customer loyalty towards an organisation by introducing new and value added solutions or improving the existing product portfolio.

Benefits of our customer retention methods:

  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Better revenue
  • Increased referrals
  • Increased customer loyalty

Tip for clients:

Entrepreneurs must follow a proactive approach! By researching a brand’s competitors, organisations can compare pricing and marketing strategy. The front line representatives have great insights on customer needs and wants. Survey new and existing customers to confirm whether an organisation’s processes are effective or not. Also, monitoring social media sites is important to track a brand’s image socially. Ultimately, do not forget to reward repeat customers.

How Expansivus Can Help You?

Customer feedback, loyalty and retention are very significant to an organisation. Be it any service or product oriented enterprise, there is a constant need to build strong customer retention strategies to achieve desired growth.
Expansivus understands the importance of customer loyalty and retention and hence, we have developed a team to provide customer engagement and retention programs exclusively.

We develop strategies and solutions to keep customers occupied, entertained, updated and delighted. At Expansivus, we value customer relationships and understand how important it is for the overall business sales and profitability. An effective customer retention program helps an organisation and its marketers to keep end-customers happy and delighted.

Technology and expertise in analysing reports, helps in creating future business plans. We assist organisations and their end-customers on phone, email and chat and help in their retention. Our comprehensive solutions are cross-functional, multi–channel and cover all possible platforms exhaustively.