Expansivus incorporates real-time techniques to serve customers efficiently on Voice, Data and Social Media platforms.

Our Customer Support Offerings :

  • Inbound sales support
  • Call routing
  • Cross sell and upsell support
  • Customer retention strategies
  • Multi-channel customer engagement
  • Quality check

Organisations want to develop a fully functional global delivery mechanism and state-of-the-art technology to reduce their overall operational costs. In order to enhance their business capabilities, entrepreneurs are looking for to leverage diverse customer support channels to enrich their customer experience.
By targeting the specific requirements of each and every customer, service providers offer a comprehensive suite of consumer services to support, manage and resolve their queries by using multiple platforms and applications.

Consider Expansivus as Your Customer Support Partner

Not all business owners are good customer service operators or sales agents, thus, it is essential to outsource an expert to get the best results for a business. At Expansivus , we understand the importance of a good customer support service, thus, offer a team of experienced professionals as well as a set of technical services and customised solutions to cater to all the possible requirement of clients.

The Expansivus BPO customer service outsourcing practice delivers a reliable customer experience across all channels of customer support (such as voice, data, digital and social media platforms) via right sourcing of technology and resources and their continuous up gradation and training. Our drive on hiring, training and quality ensures that we keep the end-customers delighted throughout a process.
We have years of operating experience on global network of call centres and know what this entails. A tremendously powerful Information Technology and Telecom infrastructure allows us to ensure that all domestic as well as international projects run smoothly.

Expansivus Makes Customer Service Easy. How?

  • Customer service 24X7 via e-mail, telephone, fax, SMS/MMS, interactive voicemail, and online chats
  • Telesales, retention, proactive complaint management
  • Technical support, information and value-added services, back-office services
  • Integration of CRM and customer service
  • Connected customer service consulting and CRM

In short, we provide cost-effective solutions to make a business more successful and approachable. We give entrepreneurs an edge in market over the competition with efficient processes, qualified channels of communication or intelligent outsourcing & consulting services.