At Expansivus, we understand that when it comes to switching energy services, it is sometimes neither quick nor easy, hence we go out of the way to make this experience easier and hassle-free both for our client and the end customer. We provide excellent energy utilisation and management options as well as solutions while ensuring that the energy and utility requirements are fulfilled at the most competitive prices without a customer facing loss of continuity.

Whether the end customer is a homeowner or a business entrepreneur, we understand the difficulties that our client experience while understanding and managing  customer expectations. We feel that when it comes to fulfilling customer expectations, a service provider should not just understand and manage energy needs of the customer, it should exceed its customer expectations. This is how we operate and this is how we maintain healthy and rewarding relationships between our clients and their customers!

At times, switching to a new gas and electricity supplier might be perceived as a complicated process, or perhaps even unreliable. This is where we come in as a Energy and Utility Specialist. The customer has all the reasons to be confident about the tariffs being offered as we have developed multiple processes, campaigns, teams, techniques and tools thereby taking complete charge of the whole switching process. This methodology has enabled us to eliminate anxieties of the customer – thus giving them complete peace of mind not only before or during the switching process but even after it. It is the After Sales Initiatives that for us comes “BEFORE” everything else and it is this that distinguishes us from our competition.

As an energy and utility player, it is our duty to alleviate all possible concerns of our customers because as loyal customers they deserve a great service at any point of time during their association with our clients. Hence, we not only appoint dedicated team of advisor but go a step further by appointing dedicated account managers who listen to the customers even after the switching process has been completed and will provide them with the best options for their Business and Home Energy Requirements.

With our energy expertise, we allow customers to enjoy cheaper gas prices, simplicity, transparency and friendly customer support. Along with the best energy solutions, we are committed to providing them with an excellent customer service. We act as a link between energy suppliers, utility brokers and customers.

Our commitments:

  • Honest, consistent and competitive pricing
  • Prompt and efficient customer service
  • Act swiftly and courteously by giving the end customers clarity on demand
  • Look after our clients and customer interests by facilitating procedures, so our clients can efficiently manage their service delivery while making it simple for the customers to manage their accounts
  • reduce costs on gas/electricity bill by providing not just better deals but the best deals

Our Objectives:

Our key objective is to cater to the energy requirements of the customers. For that we have the right team and subject matter experts with customer service and working knowledge and experience to ensure our clients achieve their objectives but not at the cost of giving a plan that is value for money. To help achieve this, we are committed to meeting the following standards:

  • Give the customer a better service and fair deal on their energy bills.
  • Carry out our activities and tasks in a clear and professional way.
  • Offer a full energy consultative process and energy solution tailored to our clients financial and operational requirements.
  • Provide the best product choice and quality to our existing as well as well prospects.
  • Maximise customer satisfaction, in order to build a long term relationship

What make us different from others?

  • With our excellent customer service and energy expertise, we provide a new well-defined approach to support customer energy needs as we believe that the customer is at the forefront of all our initiatives.
  • Ours is a company that comprises of a strategic location backed by the latest technology, advanced resources and skilled advisor from the Energy and Utility Market for providing our clients with a clear advantage over its competition.
  • By keeping the commitments that we make to our clients and by helping them keep theirs to the customer, we believe we can make a real difference in the Energy and Utility Market.
  • We have the right tools that enable us to operate cost-effectively with a flexibility to immediately respond to market needs and changes.
  • We have studied and analysed the UK Gas and Electricity market and our experts have an experience of operating in a competitive market.
  • We aspire to be one of the most trusted players that is capable of handling all off-shore and on-shore business outsourcing requirements.
  • We are renowned for our service delivery in the energy and utility sector, as our customer care champs have proved over the course of last many years.
  • We ensure that contracts do not get automatically renewed when they are nearing their term however we also ensure that our loyal customers do not disassociate themselves for want of options.

What do we do?

At Expansivus, we provide an effective energy management service that not only saves our client valuable time and cost, it enables our business customers to concentrate on their business needs and growth and homeowners on enriching their lives. Whatever be the scale or nature of our customer business, we can tailor a energy contract for them.

With unrivalled expertise in the Energy Sector, Expansivus as a partner is reliable, conversant and delivers tangible results. Our advisers take note of customer requirements and help them choose by explaining the options clearly and presenting the tariff that is right for them.

By reducing the overall capital expenses, maintaining operational costs and delivering exceptional service, we are able to pass on the efficiencies and economies of scale to our clients.