Making backend processes energy efficient

Energy and Utility processes have transformed and come across a long way to put real-time intelligence at entrepreneurs’ fingertips, enabling smart functioning as per the changing business needs and trends.
By having a substantial working experience and a deep understanding of the technical advancements in the energy and utility sector, service providers offer a wide spectrum of services to the business owners to leverage upon.

Expansivus as your back office service provider

Expansivus provides complete management and reporting of functions whenever needed by a business. By enabling business owners to analyse their energy and utility efficiency, we empower organisations to leverage business intelligence, with extensive capabilities to manage assets and infrastructure. We allow business owners to set up, view, and maintain item, price and promotion files for store-specific assortments and events.

Expansivus has a substantial industry experience in providing outsourcing services to various industries across the world. With the growth of this sector, the requirement for asset management has also increased. We have an extensive pool of resources and technology to support exhaustive asset management business services.

Our energy and utilities business outsourcing team in the UK provides business management and consulting solutions to entrepreneurs, regardless of whether or not it is an off-shore client.

Enterprises are looking for smarter grids that can cater to high customer expectations and changes in demand as well as better visibility into asset infrastructure for better business outcomes. Enterprises in the regulated and unregulated utility landscape are facing these challenges. At  Expansivus, we help them improve business performance and customer service metrics- while working with an aging infrastructure and under severe capital constraints.

Expansivus has designed customised back office support services aiming at enhancing the overall business productivity. Our comprehensive outsourcing solutions offer business flexibility, operational efficiency, improved customer service, optimised profits, business convenience and better and faster decision-making skills to entrepreneurs.

The technology we use and the strategies we initiate are all aimed at improving the first-call resolution rates and decrease average call handling time.

Highlights of our Back Office Support Services:

  •     Inbound call management
  •     Sales, upsell and cross-sell
  •     Customer service
  •     Customer retention
  •     Billing support
  •     Product information
  •     Email response
  •     Live web chat option
  •     Social media monitoring
  •     Sales Support (or fully functional call centre)
  •     Marketing
  •     Market research and analysis
  •     Helpdesk
  •     Accounts payable
  •     Store card applications