Expansivus maintains a strong market presence of an organisation by offering effective Online Reputation Management

Business owners are often worried about their online reputation.  Organisations spend years developing a strong market presence and it takes a fraction of seconds to destroy it completely. Defamatory remarks, outrageous accusations and negative reviews can damage a brand’s reputation badly, resulting in loss of trust and damaged brand equity.

To avoid the adverse effects of improper or mismanaged brand reputation on several online platforms and forums, organisations consider outsourcing a professional online reputation manager.

Consider Expansivus as your reputation manager

Every business, especially related to Internet marketing, SEO or SMO, requires online brand management techniques and tools to maintain a strong web presence.

Expansivus offers professional consulting services to organisations to figure out which strategy or tool would work best for them. By taking adequate measures beforehand, Expansivus avoids the crisis situation of mishandling brand reputation. Also, since building a brand in a positive light is an ongoing process, Expansivus implements effective techniques and tools from time to time to manage negative criticism online and builds a positive layout for brands.

Our range of online reputation services includes:

Prevention- By identifying the threat areas of a brand, Expansivus works on them. We manage a brand’s profile online at multiple platforms and create measures for likely derogatory situations. We handle result pages of search engines and bury any sort of negative criticism with positive communication, relating to a particular brand.
Crisis management- Whether with a malevolent intent or to beat a brand’s competition or to increase their own sales, many organisations intentionally bring its competitor to a negative light. Our reputation management services focus on client’s branding requirements and recovers them from this crisis situation..
Building a brand-To create or improve recognition of a brand, we follow the same approach of reputation management. We harvest a brand’s popularity to an extent that it yields great results, high paying customers and great growth scopes.

Service offerings:

  •  Strategy development
  •  Software recommendation