Our pay per click campaigns aim at unlocking a brand’s fullest potential to reach larger audiences across the globe.

The important metrics for assessing success of paid search marketing initiatives is its ROI (Return on Investment), which is measured via number of leads or sales and cost per conversion. Organisations look to create and manage their pay per click campaigns as well as track and evaluate their performances. This creates the need for data analysis, market understanding, continuous optimisation and statistical models, offering maximum online exposure under a limited budget.

By determining relevant keywords and tools, service providers allow marketers to create, setup and manage bulk campaigns from a single user interface. However, to increase sales of these campaigns, organisations need well optimised websites and landing page contents. Analysing how well a PPC (Pay Per Click) ad is doing is very essential to evaluate a brand’s popularity, campaign’s success rate and maintain budgets. Also, it is essential to consider whether an ad is device compatible or not.

Expansivus develops effective PPC campaigns. How?

Expansivus is dedicated to provide best pay-per-use searches to a client’s business across the globe. Our services include from researching keywords, to analysing markets, refining bids to improve conversion rates and cost-per-call, we do it all at exceptionally affordable prices.

By having an extensive experience on Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter, we follow a detailed methodology to develop an online campaign.

We understand an organisation and their product line, research keywords, analyse target market, identify the scope of PPC marketing services to boost an organisation’s growth, monitor integrated data and service, determine the most effective keywords, generate maximum traffic and create conversions. Also, by offering regular analysis of cost per click conversions, we evaluate bounce rates. We also plan and manage re-marketing, social media marketing and banner adverts.

The PPC services offered by us are:

  •     Market research and keyword planning
  •     PPC account setup
  •     Reporting and analysis
  •     Ad creation
  •     Ad optimisation
  •     Advance testing