Managing the Talent Supply Chain with Constant Innovation

Service offerings:

  • Vendor management and analysis
  • Screening  and validation of CTQ (Critical to Quality) parameters
  • Business assessment and consulting
  • Client and candidate engagement
  • Interview scheduling  and co-ordination
  • Pre-post joining formalities
  • Feedback and updation processing via website
  • Offer management & release
  • Documentation, collection & verification
  • Background verification support

In order to optimise a large pool of talent, organisations seek process aligned RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) solutions. By deploying highly scalable and productive recruitment services holistically focused on bringing best hiring results, employers need to hire an RPO service provider to undertake their entire talent acquisition functions and staffing activities complimenting a particular line of business, position, project, initiative or geography.

Tip for Clients:

Managing the Talent Supply Chain effectively requires constant innovation to enhance process efficiency and effectiveness, choose a service provider that meets the explicit needs of clients- delivering outstanding results and enabling clients to achieve a level of skilled talent base and business agility beyond expectations.

Why choose Expansivus as an RPO service provider?

Expansivus actively explores the top trends shaping the RPO market. Augmenting client’s on-demand hiring and staffing services, Expansivus meets the emerging challenges of the market, offering state-of-the-art employment consulting, outsourcing and management solutions to diverse sectors.

Having an experience in mature and emerging industries, across diverse geographies, we continue to create value for clients across multi-level RPO programs. With industry-specific analytics, we give enterprises the visibility they need to quantify the true impact of their business potential.

Our business capabilities:

Strategic sourcing- We offer best-in-class methodologies designed to dig deep into the passive and the active talent market, quickly finding the talent matching a client’s needs.
Innovation- We continuously develop and monitor effective strategies and practices to ensure process excellence and innovation.
Employer branding- We enhance the approach of a brand through integrated talent engagement strategies, in line with a candidate’s experience.
Diversity and enclosure- By understanding the value and business impact of workforce diversity, we enhance the recruitment practices and outcomes of a business.
Talent identification and evaluation- By qualifying potential employees through rigorous and industry-leading assessment practices, we empower businesses with the right set of skills and talent.
Tech-enabled processes- We have expert advisors to support, scope, deploy and manage all technology platforms required to undertake the recruitment process.
Reporting and analytics- By offering state-of-the-art analytics and reporting solutions, we drive sustainable and measurable business impact and provide business intelligence.