Expansivus is an ideal partner for Energy Brokers or Energy Consultants looking for a consistent stream of potential customers without high upfront marketing costs. The energy management solutions provided by us facilitates our clients in growing their business beyond existing customer segment as we focus on a much wider market.

We come in as an Energy and Utility Specialist Advisor as we identify the opportunities to improve effectiveness for our client’s business and reduce energy overheads of client’s end customers.

At Expansivus, we have a dedicated team that provides excellent Energy Management Options as well as Solutions while ensuring that the energy and utility requirements are fulfilled at the most competitive prices.

Our Utility Industry experienced Sales and Customer Care Advisors strive towards  managing the warm leads from customer data available and created through intelligent networking channels to deliver our clients with qualified leads. Not only can we provide qualified leads, we can collect valuable and reliable data at the time of interaction with an existing customer that can help predict future buying patterns and behaviour.

We work 24/7 for live transfer of leads to our clients. This is because, our business development experts from Utility and Energy background understand the complexity involved in lead generation and sales maximisation as customer needs are diverse posing challenges that need to be handled without getting outpaced. Hence, we aim at ensuring a consistent supply of high quality leads to our clients so sales stream never dries up.

Our sales team approaches the targeted audience for developing robust business relationships at a senior level with energy users across a variety of sectors. We record all outgoing and incoming calls made by our advisors as against sales calls by our competitors .

As an energy and utility player, Expansivus is renowned as a Sales Lead Generation Specialist. We aim at prospecting, qualifying and generating new sales leads for energy brokers without them having to overinvest. In addition to this, we maintain healthy and rewarding relationships for our clients with their customers.

What we do?

  • Enhance sales of our clients by Lead Generation Services
  • Our representatives using the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) screening databases identify and develop new business prospects for our clients
  • Precisely collect and upload all customer details & sales data as per agreed SLA’s on to client CRM or other automated platforms.
  • Adhere to  compliance and ensure quality monitoring processes are in place and adhered to at all times
  • Achieve daily/weekly/monthly targets to ensure high returns on investment to our clients
  • Share only quality verified leads to our clients to pursue
  • Secure new business and enhance existing client relationships
  • Assists customers to share complete reports of current energy and utility usage

What Sets Us Apart?

Our goal is to provide excellent Energy Management Options as well as Solutions for ensuring that our clients business do not waste time on poor or unproductive leads. Our team of dedicated advisors approaches the targeted audience and determines the filtering criteria to deliver eminent and qualified leads to the clients at a low cost.
We constantly strengthen the sales processes, in order to improve conversion of warm leads into confirmed sales deals.

Commitment: We address the needs of the buyer concentrating on benefits derived in return thus ensuring return on investment to our clients without making terms of engagement with them forbidding.

Excellence: Rigorous lead qualification practices, strict standards, trends analysis and customised filters to ensure no sales opportunity is lost.

Flexibility: Contracts structured to fit our client’s specific needs and concerns.

Client service: 24/7 availability to respond to our client’s needs.

Improved Conversion Rate: Real-time data and lead notifications to increase the customer conversion rate .

Sale and After Sale Support.

Our trained customer care representatives are experts in energy sector, receptive to the customer needs and excel in customer engagement and that’s why the leads created are qualified. They call the client’s customers from a specialist service centre for providing after sale support. Hence, we work hard every-day to ensure we do what’s best for you.

We take the fear out of switching. So while your customers get the best deals, you get the best leads!