By providing SEO integrated services, Expansivus increases brand visibility and drives maximum traffic to a website.

To enhance a brand’s business potential, it is very important to make it reach to the right target audience. Maximising reach is one of the biggest concerns for organisations. Search engines help a brand position itself and to enhance that positioning, organisations need SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services.   read more……

An SEO expert can sustainably ensure and divert traffic to an organisation’s website from relevant sources of web platforms, search engines and social podiums. However, only the top searches get to leverage the maximum advantage out of it. 75% of Internet users never scroll over the first page of search results. This increases the need for effective optimisation to achieve the desired results online.

Expansivus optimises your web pages on various search engines

Understanding the metrics of organic and paid search and by having an expert insight of the changing market trends, Expansivus offers a comprehensive suite of SEO services to the digital marketers and web based organisations.

Our expertise lies in:

Understanding the mechanism of keywords: With the help of Google Analytics and other keyword researching tools, Expansivus choose relevant and high performing keywords. These are then segmented as per the web pages and categories on the site.
Producing quality content: Whether it is developing of Meta tags or website communication, blogs to social posts, content is required everywhere. To optimise a web portal, keyword inserted articles are created and posted online by Expansivus .
Implementing user-friendly website architecture: Navigation, relevant web content and search mechanism matters a lot in case of proper implementation of SEO tactics on a website. This is where a scalable website architecture helps.
Website optimisation techniques: From internal linking to diversification of anchor text, structured data to off page optimisation, etc. we cater to all the elements of SEO. Being a full service digital outsourcing agency, Expansivus is completely equipped and empowered with the current and trending tools and techniques followed by organisations in this field.
Our SEO service offerings:

  •     Keyword and market research
  •     Optimising search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, etc.
  •     Link building strategies
  •     Optimising social platforms and online forums
  •     On page and off page optimisation
  •     Monitoring and analysis