By offering an array of multi-disciplinary business solutions, Expansivus enhances end-customer experience.

As capital is scarce, enterprises and consumers are making sharp reductions in their expenses decreasing the demand for surplus products and services. This put organisations under pressure to maintain their price margins beating the threats of competition in the market, while generating opportunities for high performance.

In either case, organisations need a direct and immediate response to their business challenges. Service providers offer custom BPO solutions to mend an organisation’s cash flow, achieve sustained customer relationships and reinforce their market position by driving business growth.

Why to choose Expansivus as your outsourcing partner?

Expansivus is a multi-channel outsourcing service provider offering the right kind of technical and human support to a business bringing it close to the customers. By providing an integrated service-delivery model and a broad range of transactional, accounting, processing, product and platform based as well as business transformation consulting, we have made our mark in the industry over the last decade.

The services we provide to our clients range from handling enquiries, approving mortgages, processing travel, retailing, serving customers, performing financing and accounting services.

How Expansivus can support you?

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing- Having multi-skilled domain experts and massive experience with global clients, Expansivus provides end-to-end transactional and strategic accounting services across the finance outsourcing value chain.
Internet Marketing- From undertaking effective online optimisation to creating performance-based marketing strategies, Expansivus empowers an organisation to reach out to target audience successfully.
Travel BPO Services- We help travel organisations to serve customers better by offering cohesive services and scalable IT enabled solutions, leveraging numerous channels such as e-mail, voice, chat and web.
Knowledge Process Outsourcing- By providing in-depth research material, market insights and analytics support, Expansivus helps organisations to improve their performance.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing: We imply economies of scale in an organisation’s staff, technology, methodologies and reporting, enabling recruitment processes at lower costs while maintaining high quality of services.

Our range of services:

  • Best-in-class Telecom and IT equipment
  • Robust infrastructure
  • A range of Dialer technology such as Aspect (Concerto), Drishti, C-Zentrix etc.
  • Latest desktops and servers from Dell and IBM
  • Nortel EPBAX and passport
  • CISCO network
  • Latest firewall from Sonicwall
  • Optical fibre connectivity from Tata, Aircel and Reliance
  • 24X7 global reach
  • High fault tolerance and inbuilt disaster recovery mechanism
  • CCTV surveillance and physical security on site
  • Fire safety appliance
  • Water management and harvesting
  • Premium air-conditioning support
  • Onsite multiple backup generators
  • Dedicated parking space