Expansivus unleashes the power of social media and helps in expanding a brand by leveraging its fans and followers online.

93% marketers use social media to expand their businesses online. SMM (Social Media Marketing) allows organisations to directly connect with their target audience anytime, anywhere. Marketing by using the potential of social platforms helps in enhancing brand value, customer base and sales. As it is said that what is seen is sold, social media works on the similar mechanism of spreading brand awareness about a particular product or service and attract customers to buy it.

How can Expansivus help you with SMM functions?

By boosting the fan and follower list of an organisation, Expansivus helps them to increase their brand reach and expand their business scale. With a variety of effective social media techniques and services, we enable businesses to not only unleash but also, leverage the power of social media.

Our expertise lies in:

Engaging audiences socially- The casual approach adopted by organisations to attract and engage their potential customers instigates them to be in good terms. This builds strong relationships, helps in increasing customer loyalty and acquiring new customers.
Driving relevant traffic and sales- Expansivus diverts relevant prospects and customers from social sites to a brand’s website, initiating their interest to buy a product or service.
Increasing brand awareness helps business expansion- By creating an active social circle online, Expansivus help organisations to multiply and grow increasing its brand popularity.
Making brands compatible on multiple devices- Today’s Internet possessed customers use social platforms on their mobile phones, web based applications and several other devices. Expansivus makes an organisation’s social campaigns device compatible to offer end-customers adequate readability and usability.

Our service offerings include:

  •     Handling client profiles on social platforms
  •     Creating content to attract or retain end-customers
  •     Posting various brand promotions, offers, discounts, product launches, etc.
  •     Managing and responding to customer interactions