Increasing brand loyalty with viral marketing services is the ultimate aim of our marketers. Expansivus helps you grow.

With digital revolution getting bigger, brands are in need to shift their focus from existence to expansion. By channelising their marketing initiatives, organisations can not only outreach to relevant prospects, but also, achieve brand differentiation and customer engagement. To cater this challenge, viral marketing is considered to be one of the most effective solutions for organisations.

Service providers assist entrepreneurs to leverage on viral ad campaigns, utilising its full potential to be liked and shared by end-customers. Social media platforms play a vital role in multiplying the effect of these marketing campaigns, making it range successfully over a period of time.

Looking for a viral marketer? Consider Expansivus!

Viral marketing is an unpredictable marketing strategy though, that requires a keen and insightful approach. At Expansivus, we create flexible marketing campaigns which are tailored as per our client’s specific promotional needs and budget, keeping into consideration the current marketing trends and customer needs.

Our comprehensive suite of offerings caters to all the functional and promotional needs of a brand’s campaign.

Our area of expertise lies in:

Research and planning– By understanding an organisation’s product or service line, we identify its potential USP for the target audience. Then analysing the user behavior and key demographics of the likely audience, we plan a marketing initiative.
Application or platform development– Expansivus develops applications or platforms including widgets, microsites, videos etc. that is required for a viral campaign.
Conducting pre-launch or viral seeding– By targeting the suitable suspects, we identify prospective groups, understand what interests them, connect with them on networking communities and offer or present the campaign to them.
Executing final campaign launch– By actively participating in other marketing activities such as blogging, social engagement, PPC, etc, we finally launch the initiative.
Analysing performance– We monitor several aspects of a campaign on a daily basis and analyse client’s performance by keeping a track of their website traffic, downloads, referrals, user reviews, etc.

Our viral marketing services include:

  • Viral conceptualisation
  • Microsite designing and development
  • Application development
  • Social bookmarking
  • Creating and posting press releases
  • Marketing on social sites via videos, pictures, posts, reviews, articles, etc.
  • Performance evaluation and reporting